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אייקון של מערכת חימום תת ריצפתי אמינה


The Ecoheat systems are equipped with advanced technology that emphasizes multiple protective measures that protect the system from failures (over 10 security barriers), the systems is built with the intentation to extend its life and provide peace of mind and security to the customer.

The system was carefully tested under heavy loads and high work pressures. Each part was carefully chosen, after passing QA tests, control and standard tests.

אייקון של מערכת חימום תת ריצפתי חסכונית


Even though the system works 24 hours a day throughout the winter season, it is incredibly economical in operational costs and can save up to 10,000NIS (over 2,500USD annually) during one season, compared to other heating systems (gas,oil and electrical-floor heating systems).

אייקון של מערכת חימום תת ריצפתי ידידותית לסביבה

Environmentally friendly

Today, environmental issues are of great importance to us all, so we made sure that our systems do not pollute the environment by emitting hazardous substances as a result of incineration of various fuels or electromagnetic radiation thus endangering our health. Therefore, most of the energy consumed by the system is based on solar energy from the sun and only a very small part of the system is being operated by traditional electricity.

אייקון של מערכת חימום תת ריצפתי איכותית וסטייל


The "Ecoheat" systems are placed under the tiles and thus blends in the environment in a homogenous fashion – without any visible pipes.

The activation of the Ecoheat system is carried out only at the beginning of winter, and the system is active until the last day of the season, without any user intervention.

The idea behind underfloor heating:
the heat elevated from the floor

Underfloor Heating popularity grew exponentially in the recent years.

In heating of this kind, water pipes are placed underneath the floor tiles. the heat outputted by the hot water spreads at an even amount throughout the surface, provides a pleasant and hot atmosphere during even the coldest winter.

How does it work?

The method based on the “heat lift” theory. Which means that the heat goes up from the floor (“heat floats”), so heating process starts at your feet, and slowly goes up your body, unlike the unhealthy and unpleased heating the an air conditioner (for example) provides.

In addition, it should be noted that due to the use of water for heating, there is no use of electricity that emits electromagnetic radiation.

ECOHEATs advantages

“ECOHEAT” systems, operates automatically and controls different heating areas using different heating settings. The operating timing can be adjusted and changed at any given time.

In addition, the system can be connected to the "smart home" system, thereby increasing the control options in the system.

Who we are

ECOHEAT is Israel's leading and most advanced underfloor heating systems company. The company has over 25 years of experience in the field and we stand proudly at the cutting edge of the heating industry in Israel.

Ecoheat specializes in underfloor heating based on heat pumps, which are considered to be the most advanced, efficient, cost-effective and high-quality systems in the global and Israeli markets.

The company's offices are located in Tel Adashim gated community, in north of Israel, and our service is focused with the highest emphasis on being professional and providing high quality product as fast as possible.

Our wide range of customers includes private customers, swimming pools (municipal and private), schools, educational institutions, the world of agriculture and more.

We were happy to meet you, and we would be even happier to deepen our acquaintance by telephone 1-700-700-742.

Heating Pumps

In recent years, we have witnessed increasing use of heat pumps as a complementary product to heating systems. The reason for this is the use of technology that has revolutionized the heating industry. Heating by a heat pump utilizes the absorbed solar energy, and as a result, a heating cycle is created by endless energy. The technological and ecological efficiency of heating by heat pumps is reflected in many projects in Israel and abroad – heating homes using "green building”, Pools, water, guest houses, chicken coops and more.

In the heat pump, there is no direct combustion and / or burning of fuels and gases, but the heating of the water is done by renewable energy (solar energy). Therefore, heating systems based on heat pump are considered a brand in the world of construction and green and energy efficiency projects. This is the most advanced and efficient means today for heating water and houses.

The term "pump" describes a device that can reverse the natural flow of heat. Ie, the important component in the various cooling and heating mechanisms, including refrigerators, underfloor heating systems, air conditioners and more. The development of heat pumps has greatly affected our lives in a variety of different areas, by creating a comfortable temperature in transportation vehicles, storing food at different temperatures, heating water reservoirs and of course heating our homes. In the underfloor heating systems, heat pumps take advantage of the heat that exists in their environment, by "pumping" the heat from the air, and by means of which the pump warms the water in the underfloor heating system. In other words? Advanced, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly technology.

Many academic studies conducted tests to examine the economic feasibility of domestic heating have compared different systems. The studies indicate that a water-based underfloor heating system using a heat pump is more efficient and economical than all other systems in the market (gas, diesel and electricity) The superiority of the heat pump over the alternatives is based on the heat in the air around us. In numbers, a heat pump is more efficient than gas heating on a gas basis (ie, for every 5 shekels you pay for gas heating, you pay one shekel for heating by heat pumps). Heat efficiency is 7 times more efficient than heating with diesel / oil and 4 times more than heating with electricity.

The superiority of the heat pump over the alternatives is based on the heat in the air around us.

In numbers, a heat pump is more efficient than gas heating on a gas basis (ie, for every 5 shekels you pay for gas heating, you pay one shekel for heating by heat pumps). Heat efficiency is 7 times more efficient than heating with diesel / oil and 4 times more than heating with electricity.

The standard appearance of the heat pump is no different from that of a large air conditioner. Note that because heat pumps draw heat from the surrounding air, it is important to keep open air directions around the system in order to allow the sucking of the most effective air intaking.

Ecoheat heat pumps are unique. We construct them with maximum emphasis on effectiveness alongside aesthetics and an attractive modern appearance. We are meticulous in assembling the pump from the most advanced components in the world market. Only through close monitoring and testing of the product in designated laboratories do we know that Ecoheat's exclusive pump is the most advanced and reliable blue and white product in the market, as it reaches the Israeli consumer.

Ecoheat invests great effort in developing and adapting the products to the demands of the Israeli market. In Ecoheat's unique heat pumps, there are a wide variety of protective measures that keep the heat pumps that will last and serve the customer for many years without any problems.

Thousands of Ecoheat heat pumps have been marketed all over the country for more than 10 years, and have proved effective even in extreme conditions.

In the winter of 2012, when the temperature in the Jerusalem hills reached below 0 degrees Celsius, and the snow in the streets was piled up, the Ecoheat pumps worked nonstop and provided optimal heating for the houses. In the settlement of Elrom in the Golan Heights, the system did not disappoint its customers when the degrees outside reached minus 14 degrees

Today there are three types of heat pumps in the Israeli market:
• On-Off pump
• Inverter pump
• EcoMulti pump

With each of these pumps having advantages and disadvantages.

The on-off pump is considered to be a simple technology (in other words, it is a very reliable product), and in exceptional cases it is a simple system for repair (both technically and financially). In addition, spare parts are relatively inexpensive and construction costs are cheap compared to alternatives. But as with any product in the world, On-Off also has a disadvantage, which is the operating cost, which is considered to be high relative to the rest of the pumps (but still not close to the cost of gas or diesel heating).

If we move to the second pump, the famous Inventer pump, we can tell it that it is a pump with cheap operating costs compared to the On-Off pump, but its disadvantage is its complexity. Usually, the repair of the pump must be done by the importer, and the complexity of the system leads to technical complexity in the event of a malfunction, along with high cost in spare parts.

The third pump is Ecoheat's exclusive EcoMulti pump.

What is the uniqueness of the EcoMulti pump? This is an advanced and unique pump that combines the advantages of On-Off and Inverter pumps and thus eliminates their disadvantages. The EcoMulti pump is considered to be extremely reliable, cost-effective in spare parts and in service, and is considered cost-effective. This is an advanced pump that will lead the under-floor heating industry in the coming years, and we are happy and proud to manufacture it exclusively and to market it to the Israeli market.

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